Thirty years ago, Shrekamus activated three hundred Markers around Earth. It killed my grandfather. The necromorphs spread into human populated space ships, and turned them all. After
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years of nobody manning the ship, they crashed into more planets and spread the Infection. Over 300 species are gone. There's more Brethren Moons than stars now.

But, I think I found something that may help. It's an alien machine. Located on the planet Tau Volantis. It can reverse time. If I can get to it before the Unitologists or the Shrekamus empire finds it, I can save us. I can save my grandfather. I can finally kill that piece of scum called Shrekamus. God help me.

U.S.S. MarkerEdit

The hall was dark. I stayed away from the vents. I was shaking. "Breathe. Stay calm, dammit." I repeated this in my head. It didn't work.

I could hear something crawling up there. It was up in the vents. Little fucker killed my crew. I kept going. One step at a time. Slowly. It was getting louder. I was almost there, at the air lock. 

Necromorph flesh is not the smell of flowers. Unless it was a necromorph flower. Hunks of flesh were scattered around, along with corpses. Any one of them could come to life, at any time.