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It revolves around four individuals within a paranormal investigation group in North Carolina: Jonathan “Johnny Toast” Marwood, an alcoholic ex-millionaire from England (and the only regular character who was in the “official” VenturianTale series; Professor Osric “Oz” Pureheart, an absent-minded, arrogant scientist who was previously a schoolteacher at the Creepypasta High School; Ben, an unstable young man with psionic powers who is on the run from a shadowy organization; and [UNNAMED], the sister of Johnny’s former schoolmate and future PIE associate, Johnny Ghost/insane serial killer Jimmy Casket/Gregory.

The series itself takes place in what I can only describe as a tangent universe which diverges from the original timeline on Christmas 2006, where Mary disappears two years too early, as part of a master plan devised by a being known as “Scratchman”. In this universe, Johnny moves back to America in early 2007 after his wife’s death. Because of certain custom laws (and the fact that he eloped) he can’t bring any large amount of his rather substantial wealth over with him, and what little he does bring is either use to pay the expensive rent for his drunken abusive landlord, or squandered on alcohol, particularly whiskey.

Whilst this is happening, [Ghost’s sister] (who was driving over to find Johnny because she was sent off to the children’s home from an early age by her mother) meets Ben when he hitches a lift with her. She discovers his powers when he defends her from a gang, and some agents. Because of this incident, they are now both wanted fugitives.

[Sis] meets Johnny, who is now working for Oz, whilst looking for Ben. After they get separated when agents catch up with them, [Sis] hides on a bus Johnny (who is about to receive a call from Oz saying they have been called about a paranormal encounter) was riding on whilst Ben finds himself drawn to the exact same thing. They all meet up at the end and after finishing off whatever business they find themselves in (in this case Ben going psycho and an evil car respectively, it’s a two-parter story), they reach an arrangement whereupon Johnny, [Sis] and Ben all stay at Oz’s, Oz tries to find out more about [Sis]’s family and why she was abandoned, as well as helping Ben find his family. In return all three of them occasionally work with him on paranormal investigation cases.

Some ongoing plot points for the series should be:

  • References to popular culture</li>
  • Johnny’s alcoholism</li>
  • Mary, Johnny’s wife (Appears as Ghost?)</li>
  • [Sis]’s family</li>
  • Jimmy Casket</li>
  • Scratchman</li>
  • The Necronomicon</li>
  • Ben’s mother</li>
  • The agents</li>
  • Conglomerate with ominous-sounding name (poss. SCP Foundation?) who experimented on test subjects, including Ben, in order to heighten extrasensory abilities, and now want to find Ben, the others who escaped, and others like them, and use them as weapons.</li>
  • The 4 Johnny’s are all nicknames from their school days</li>
  • [Sis] discovering her brother is dead</li>
  • [Sis] discovering her brother is alive</li>
  • [Sis] discovering her brother has a psychotic double-personality</li>
  • Johnny and [sis] suddenly travelling back to 1984 by accident and meeting young Obama, Oz, and Ghost’s mother</li>
  • [Sis] discovering the truth about her father</li>
  • [Sis] discovering she’s actually Johnny Ghost’s half-sister</li>
  • Johnny realizing he is directly responsible for the creation of the tangent universe, and what he does to correct his mistake</li>
  • Ben discovering a drug that depresses psychic abilities, blocking out the voice in his head and improving his mental stability</li>
  • [Sis]/Ben romance?</li>
  • Who is the watcher?</li>
  • Whatever happened to Roast and Boast?</li>
  • Toast’s Landlord</li>



    Johnny Toast

    A young, recently-widowed, alcoholic struggling to make his way in the world, Johnny moves back to America after spending most of his post-elementary life back in his homeland of England. He quickly finds himself out of his depth not only with the way of life, but also with his abusive landlord. Strapped for cash, he finds himself in the employ of Professor Osric Pureheart. He secretly hopes he can use the Prof’s expertise in the supernatural to bring back his late wife.


    The biological (half?) sister of Johnny Ghost. [Sis] has no interest in the paranormal whatsoever, she only becomes involved due to a series of coincidences that. The Prof, and later Johnny, both seem very concerned about her. [Sis] was sent for adoption from an early age to protect her from Tommy Casket. As a direct result of being sent to children’s homes across the country and never having been settled anywhere for long, 

    Professor Osric PureheartEdit

    a scientist fascinated with the paranormal. Brilliant but arrogant and occasionally absent-minded, the Prof would probably build a time machine in half an hour and use it for his TV recorder. Currently investigating “the Divinity Cluster”. “Oz” can be eccentric, pompous, and is frequently cantankerous with those he perceives to be below his intellect. He is also jealous towards Johnny for surpassing him as he sees himself as Johnny’s mentor.


    An unstable young man with a high esper rating. Ben was the subject of a series of experiments by a powerful corporation looking into the use of psychic and psionic abilities in military application. The experiments gave him extrasensory perception and incredible abilities but nearly broke his mind in the process. He broke out of the facility and escaped along with several other prisoners. He spent the 3 years leading up to his meeting [sis] hiding from the corporation, moving across the country, improving his powers, mastering new tricks, learning how to block out the constant stream of information in his head. However, he is still prone to psychic “fits”, sudden mood swings, telekinetic rage, and he has a mental block on certain memories, including family.


    • Norberg – the Prof’s dim-witted assistant.
    • Officer Maloney – North Carolina Police Department’s finest is on the case. He regularly calls on Johnny for help with paranormal occurrences.
    • The General/Alistair – an old man with a military background who mentored Toast.
    • Ted – friend of Johnny’s who works at the Banzai Institute, the people who fund Oz’s research. Ted encourages Johnny to stay on with Oz.
    • Officer Moore – Maloney’s partner.
    • Paula Walker – Johnny’s ex, now works for the CIA.
    • Arturo – member of the Illuminati and a massive conspiracy theorist.
    • Brad – street racer

    Further Adventures

  • Unable to cope with the unstoppable flood of stranger’s thoughts through his head, Ben considers suicide.</li>
  • Johnny is called upon by Ted to investigate Yoyodyne’s new android…</li>
  • Johnny discovers his father was a Bruce Wayne-style vigilante.</li>
  • Whilst the rest of the gang hunt a demonic car, Ben gets caught up in his own investigation that leads him to Amii, and Johnny Ghost…</li>
  • Giant Shark</li>
  • Johnny is forced to deal with the death of his mentor.</li>
  • Series 2 Finale</li>
  • Game – Mary Toast reappears, but is it too good to be true?</li>
  • Set – The gang are trapped in 1984 and must use their wits to find out what happened in the past, try not to change history, get back to the present and stop Scratchman.</li>
  • Match – stranded in a post-apocalyptic future, the gang must fight the army of darkness in the final battle.</li>