Mystery:A Venturiantale fanfiction by Theforest04.

"Chapter 1: Twisted action"

Johnny Ghost and Toast were in Ghost's medium sized and casual house with there equipment all over the place.

"Hey, want some classic water like you always have?" Asked Johnny Toast walking up to Ghost.

"Um, not right now" Said Johnny Ghost. Johnny Toast carefully sat down on the couch and stayed silent for what felt like a minute to Ghost. "Anyways, so how was your day, Johnny?" Asked Johnny Ghost. Toast still was silent. "Sometimes I feel like someone will come up to me and-"Johnny Toast was interrupted by a doorbell ringing.

"Hold on i'll get that!" Said Johnny Toast a little bit loud. Ghost heard footsteps banging on the stairs. Johnny Ghost looked at the wall and thought to himself for a second, until he heard a very light voice, but he didn't hear what it said. "Wait what!?" Johnny Ghost heard Toast yell.

BANG! BANG! Johnny Ghost was alerted by these shots and went downstairs as quick as possible. Johnny was horrified of what he saw. There was a bullethole near the stairs...but one hit Johnny Toast.

Blood was everywhere and Ghost had to do something. Johnny crouched down to see if Toast was breathing.

"His-his-heart beat is gett-ing slow-er" Said Johnny Ghost panicking. Johnny Ghost heard sirens going off and he saw both Police and Ambulances near his house.

"Well, this was a weird time for police to come" Ghost said to himself. "I-he-" Johnny Toast tried to speak as much as possible, but couldn't. "You're going to be alright,Johnny" Said Johnny Ghost calmly.

*Minutes later*

Johnny Ghost was waiting in the hospital, hoping everything would be good. Someone sitting right next to him was someone with a cast on both of his legs. The door to the surgeon area opened and Johnny saw the nurse come up to him. "Johnny Ghost...that's your name right?"

Ghost nodded slowly. "Okay, the good news is that we got the bullet out, but the bad news is that...Toast's dead" Said the nurse upset.

Johnny Ghost stood up and thought to himself stuff like "He can't be dead, it was just only one bullet to his chest" Johnny stared at the nurse for a second and thought to himself again "Please tell me that was a joke, what am I even talking about?" The nurse got a nervous feeling and said "Um, okay...wait there and poli-" Johnny Ghost quickly busted out the exit of the hospital and ran until he was captured by police.

Johnny Ghost  got a tear down his eye and he started crying for a second.

"Chapter 2: Something"

Johnny Ghost sat down in the chair, forgetting he was in prison for a few mintues. The police officer slamed the door open and then sat down in the chair in front of Ghost. The officers first question was

"So,what were you doing seconds before Toast got killed?" Johnny Ghost paused for a moment and then answered his question by saying "I was upstairs with Toast and then he went downstairs and I heard two gunshots and then I saw him bleeding everywhere"

The police officer looked strangely at Johnny Ghost for a strange moment and then asked "Do you know who killed him?"

"No, I never made eye to eye contact with the killer" Said Johnny Ghost immediately.

The police officer looked like he wanted to say something important, but instead the officer asked "Why did you run out of the hos-"

"Cause, my friend is dead and I have been friends with him for years, so why are you asking these dumb questions!?" Asked Ghost angry. "I know you want to tell me something improtant and if you have something to say, say it right now!!" Yelled Johnny Ghost. The police officer screamed back by yelling "We are shutting down P.I.E.!!"

Ghost was in shock and then he slammed his fists on the table and then yelled back "If it wasn't for P.I.E., The whole entire world would have split in half like an apple, Mario and Luigi would be haunting Papa Acachalla's house, and I can go on and on!!"

"If you murdered Johnny Toast, we will arrest you, now get out of here!!" Yelled the officer.

*??? P.O.V.*

"I think something will help him with this mystery" Said ???  staring through the interrogation room. (You'll find out who he is in a little bit)

*Johnny Ghost P.O.V.*

Ghost took a walk home instead of transportation. He walked by places like "Dentist :Open 12 hours a day" and "Barber shop:For kids and adults"

Suddenly, Maxwell Acachalla looked like he was waiting for someone on the sidewalk. "Food and water donation, right here!!" Shouted Maxwell Acachalla.

Johnny Ghost walked passed Maxwell, seeming depressed. When Ghost looked back for a minute, he knew Maxwell recongized him. "Hey,Ghost" Said Maxwell Acachalla strangly. Ghost felt Maxwell touch his shoulder. Johnny Ghost looked back and said in a angry voice "Want do you want,Maxwell!?" "Just a donation, for your friend who is-"

Maxwell was about to finish until Johnny Ghost punched him in the stomach.

*Maxwell Acachalla P.O.V.*

Maxwell felt the pain from his stomach, he knew he had to fight back. "Oh, now I know how you are today" Maxwell grabbed Ghost arms and smashed him through the tv store.

*Johnny Ghost P.O.V.*

Ghost was just smashed through a window. Johnny stood up slowly and charged at Maxwell. Luckily, Maxwell blocked his punch, but then Ghost punched Maxwell right in the face. Maxwell fell on the ground, he felt defeated by Ghost. "Ugh, even without your P.I.E. equipment, you can still defeat me easily" Said Maxwell Acachalla randomly happy.

Johnny Ghost was still angry at Maxwell. "Well, that's what happens when you're a weak entity" Said Johnny Ghost mad. A couple of tears rolled down Johnny's face.

Suddenly, Maxwell and Johnny both heard someone yell "We know where you are, Ghost!" Maxwell looked back for a moment and then possessed a tv. Johnny Ghost stared at the people with guns. Ghost noticed that the people came in with some type of fancy car and they also had a Crow badge on their shirts. "Those are not police" Thought Johnny Ghost to himself.

"Chapter 3: Need help"

Johnny Ghost looked at the people with the Crow badges, he wondered why they were looking for him. "I see him, he's over there!!"Shouted one of the men. The men fired their guns at Ghost while he was running.

Johnny Ghost realized the store was a bigger than he thought. Johnny Ghost looked at the left of him and hid behind a big box with a big tv in it. "Come out here, Ghost!" yelled another man. The three men turned the opposite direction of him, but Johnny Ghost made a run for it. "He's getting away!!" Yelled one of the men. One of the men shot Johnny Ghost in the back of leg, Johnny quickly fell down. "I'm dead" Johnny thought to himself. One of the men walked up to Johnny and then said "It's time, Johnny"

Ghost closed his eyes, until he heard someone say "Hey, you guys" Johnny then heard a bunch of gunshots and running. Johnny opened his eyes and his vision was blurry, he saw a man who wore a sports hat, but Johnny was not sure. "Ghost,you're going to be okay" The man in the sports hat said. Johnny Ghost then turned

*The next day*

Johnny woke up and right away he knew he was in a dream, because Toast was alive and P.I.E. hq was still here. "Hello, sir" Said Toast. "Want some Coffee?" Asked Toast.

"No thanks" Said Ghost suspiciously. Ghost heard a gun reloading and Toast asking "Is something wrong, sir?" Ghost looked behind him and saw Johnny Toast holding a gun at him. "Wake up, Johnny" Said a different voice that was mimicing Johnny Toast.

"Wake up" Said the voice again. Johnny Ghost woke up on a couch that was ripped a little bit and he knew the dream was over. "Hey, it's morning, are you hungry?" Asked the man in the sports hat. "Uh...yeah, i'm hungry" Said Johnny Ghost while looking at the patch on his leg.

"Good, here's some yogurt, and you're in my house too" Said the man. Johnny Ghost wasn't surprised and then asked the man "What's your name" "Just call me, Mark for now alright" Answered Mark. Johnny thought that was kind of an unfitting name for him. "Hi,Mark" Said Ghost "Who were those people chasing me?" Asked Johnny Ghost.

Mark picked up his laptop that was on the living room table. Mark showed him pictures of the people that chased Johnny on the computer. "These people are called The Crow's, they were an famous organization that killed famous people" Said Mark.

Johnny looked at the badges of the people in the pictures. "So anymore information on these people?" Asked Johnny Ghost. "Well, they began in the early 1900's and some people think they might've assassinated John F.Kennedy"

Johnny Ghost looked at Mark shocked and then said "Wow, really" Johnny Ghost then took a bit of the yogurt, it was kind of edible. "Yep, it's crazy" Replied Mark.

"Chapter 4:Clues"

Johnny Ghost was back at his home, still tired last night from the fight with Maxwell and being chased by the Crow's. Johnny Ghost went upstairs to go to his bedroom and suddenly,he was desperate to know about who murdered Johnny Toast.

Johnny Ghost started his computer and went on youtube, to find more info about Toast's death. Johnny Ghost typed in "Johnny Toast theories", Ghost got video's like "Was Johnny Toast's death fake? Part 1 and 2" and "Toast is still alive...proof here."

Johnny Ghost scrolled down through all the conspricaices, until he reached something that said "Evidence no one is showing you about Toast's death." Ghost then clicked on the ten minute video.

Johnny Ghost watched the video, until he saw something interesting that was at the 7 minute mark, which was, "So, if you look at this, Johnny Boast has the same bullet as Johnny Toast did, and the same bullet claimed to might've killed Dark Pit"

When Johnny Ghost heard this, he was in shock. "Oh my-I have to tell this to Mark" Thought Johnny Ghost to himself.

Johnny Ghost shut off his computer quickly and then went downstairs, got his keys, and turned on the Ghostmobile. Johnny Ghost drove his car to Mark's house and while he was driving, he decided to put on the news,

"Yesterday, Johnny Toast, one of  P.I.E.'s founder's, was assassisnated by an unknown person, however the possible suspect is Johnny Gh-" Johnny Ghost  shut off the radio. Johnny Ghost sighed and then said to himself "Well, that was kind of expected"

*Later (Why are there so many,idk)*

"So you're saying that Dark Pit, Johnny Boast, and Toast were killed with the same bullet, is that right?" Asked Mark. "Yes, so that means someone is killing off our members" Answered Johnny Ghost. Mark stood up and thought for a second. "I'll maybe try to get some more evidence, but no one said it's going to be easy" Said Mark. Johnny Ghost looked down and said "Yeah, I know that" Johnny Ghost knew that who ever killed these three P.I.E. members were apart of The Crow's. "I think the next target is me" Said Ghost. "It probably is you" Replied Mark.

Johnny Ghost knew he had to something to stop The Crow's from killing anyone else, like him.

Ghost also had to figure out of who killed Johnny Toast. "Anyways, i'd better go, because I am being hunted by a dangerous league of Assassins" Said Johnny Ghost.

Mark nodded and then commented "If I was being hunted, I wouldn't be in one place too" Johnny Ghost stood up from the chair and then scratched the back of his head.

"Chapter 5: The stay"

"Anyway's, I should go back home, because i'm hungry right now" Said Johnny Ghost. Mark then smiled at Ghost and then replied by saying "You can stay here if you want" "Sure, have any pancakes?" Asked Johnny Ghost. For minutes Johnny Ghost kept eating the pancake until Mark left to get some more food at the nearest grocery shop. As soon as Johnny Ghost was done eating, he realized that Mark still wasn't here.

"Well, he wouldn't mind me naping on the couch" Thought Johnny Ghost to himself. Johnny Ghost slowly walked up to the couch and then put him self to a nap. Johnny Ghost thought he woke up, but he was dreaming, the dream also felt real too.

Ghost heard footsteps behind him, first Johnny Ghost looked at his coffee and turned around to see Johnny Toast. "Oh...hi...Toast" Said Johnny Ghost slowly.

Toast didn't answer. Johnny Ghost wanted to go up to Johnny Toast, but he couldn't. "Um...Toast, are you okay?" Asked Johnny Ghost. Still no answer from Toast. Johnny Toast was just standing in the dark room, staring creepily at Ghost.

Johnny Ghost turned around to have a sip of the coffee. Johnny Ghost turned around to see if Toast was still in the dark room. But to Ghost's suprise he saw Dark Pit, Johnny Boast, and Johnny Toast suddenly really close to Ghost. "Please..." Said Dark Pit slowly. "Save..." Said Johnny Boast slowly. "Us..." Said Johnny Toast slowly too. Johnny Ghost wasn't scared by a dream since he was eight years old.

Johnny Ghost finally woke up to see Mark right in front of him. Johnny Ghost stood up from the couch and then Mark said "Got some food" Johnny Ghost stretched his arms and then commented "Okay, So I better leave now, I have something important to do" Johnny Ghost then saw Mark take a disc out of his pocket, the disc had no name or anything on it, it was just a plain disc. "Officer Maloney said to give this to you" Said Mark happily. Johnny Ghost looked at it and then thought to himself "Alright, new evidence probably collected"

"Chapter 6: Something's wrong"

Johnny Ghost was back home and he already inserted the disc into his computer, but nothing happened. "Um...hello" Thought Johnny Ghost to himself. Nothing is happening. Johnny Ghost stood up to go turn on the radio, but suddenly Johnny Ghost heard a big BEEP! from the computer. "What was that?" Asked Johnny Ghost.

Ghost jogged up to the computer and saw something that said "Restricted.vid" Johnny Ghost raised his mouse to the file on the computer and Johnny Ghost realized the footage took place in a medium sized meeting room. "Sorry, but unfortanely Ghost escaped last night" Said a voice. "How did he escape?" Asked a familiar voice. "He was saved by some guy in a sports hat,who kept shooting at us" Answered the voice. "Did you shoot back?" Asked the familiar voice. Then there was no reply.

Suddenly a part of the room turned red,the walls, the tables, everything did. Suddenly, there was a scream and then blood suddenly splatered on the meeting table. The whole entire room turned back to normal and the video suddenly ended.

Johnny Ghost felt weird, he wanted to pull out a knife for some reason, then Johnny Ghost started laughing, until someone rang the doorbell.

"Coming!!" Shouted Johnny Ghost nervous. Johnny Ghost opened the door, but Ghost didn't expect to see two police officers at the front door. "Johnny Ghost, you are under arrest for the murder of Johnny Toast" Said a police officer. "Wait, I didn't do it!!" Shouted Johnny Ghost. The police officers threw him into the car. "What's happening?" Asked Johnny Ghost  himself.


Johnny Ghost was in court now, he was in the front row. Ghost looked at the second column and saw Mark there. "What is he doing here?" Thought Ghost. "Johnny Ghost!!" Yelled the judge. "You know you are guilty with murdering your own friend,right?" Asked the judge. Johnny Ghost quickly focused on the judge and then Ghost said "No, I was upstairs at the time"

The judge whispered to a police officer something. "Well here is proof of you killing him!!" Shouted the judge. Johnny Ghost felt like someone just threw him into a glass window, like the fight with Maxwell. Suddenly, there was a big screen right behind the judge which showed the video of Johnny Ghost killing Toast. "How is your reaction to that?!" Screamed the judge. Johnny knew something was wrong with it. "First of all, if you look at the shadows, they're wrong, they are facing the opposite direction of each other" Said Johnny Ghost intelligently.

The judge was shocked by what was wrong with the footage. "Also, Johnny Toast was shot in the chest and not in the back of the head" Said Johnny Ghost again. The judge was amazed by Johnny Ghost. "Sadly, you're correct,Johnny" Said a police officer behind Ghost. Just then, two police officers behind Ghost took off their uniforms and showed blacksuits with Crow badges on them. Mark stood up and pulled out Dual wield pistols from both of his pockets.

*Mark's P.O.V.*

 "This isn't going to end well, so put your guns down!" Commanded Mark. "Luckily, we got reinforcements" Said one of the Crow's. In Mark's column, three police officers took off their uniforms too and showed Crow badges too. All police officers in the room pulled out their guns and then The Crow people pulled out their guns too. "Oh" Said Mark slowly.

*Johnny Ghost's P.O.V.*

Johnny Ghost backed up to the judge's desk, hoping nothing would happen. "Fire!!"Shouted one of the Crow's. Bullets were flying everywhere and Johnny Ghost decided to pick up a revolver from a dead police officer,Ghost aimed it at a Crow's member, and then wounded him. Johnny Ghost was being shot at, so he dropped the revolver, and hid behind the judge's desk.

The gunfire was still going on, but the gunfire got calmer and calmer, until it finally ended. Ghost took a peek of what happened and Johnny saw some blood and police officers being dragged off the floor. Johnny Ghost looked right and saw the judge hiding too. Johnny Ghost then heard Mark ask "Is everyone okay?" Johnny Ghost ran up to Mark, Ghost then stopped as he saw all of The Crow's members in this room dead and Ghost saw some officers dead too. "Oh god...they were going to create a bloodbath in here" Thought Johnny Ghost while looking at dead Crow members.

"Chapter 7:Memories"

It was a week after that gunfight in the police station and Johnny Ghost and Mark haven't got any evidence about Toast's murder. But now Johnny Ghost was at a gas station market, he decided to buy his normal pack of doritoes there, he looked at a man and the man recongized Johnny Ghost, but said the man said nothing. Johnny looked at the tv and saw the newswoman say "It's been a week since a shootout in the North Carolina police station which killed 9 police officers and also killed all 5 suspects, who were undercover as police"

Johnny Ghost kept looking at the tv, forgetting what he was going to buy. "Also, the five suspects name are unknown right now, but we definitly know the deceased police officers names" Said the newswoman. Johnny Ghost remembered what he was going to get. So, he grabbed the bag of doritoes and ordered it at the resigter station. Johnny Ghost gave his money to cash register person said "Thanks" The cash person looked up and said lightly "Welcome,sir"

When the person said "Sir", it got Johnny Ghost some flashbacks about Johnny Toast. Johnny Ghost then got out of the market. Johnny got in his car and looked to his right to see lottery tickets. "Oh, I forgot I brought those" Thought Johnny Ghost. Johnny looked at the back seat of his car to see his bag. Johnny Ghost sighed and turned around to turn on his car engine.

(Intermission started)


(Intermission ended)

Johnny Ghost was finally at home, when he was at the front door of his house. He felt something strange about the tape he watched that almost got him arrested. Ghost hurried into the house, quickly turned on his computer, and put on the video. Ghost was still watching the video and he didn't notice anything until, "Did you shoot back?" Asked the familiar voice.

No reply like again.

The room turned into all red and the screaming started, but Johnny Ghost noticed something for a second. When the room red turned red, he saw the Crow guy, but Ghost saw something else...a box creature shadow. "Is that Cardboard friend?" Asked Johnny Ghost confused. Johnny Ghost started to be confused, was Cardboard Friend the leader of The Crow's?

"Chapter 8: What now?"

Johnny Ghost took out his phone and quickly went to text Mark. "Mark, there is something I need to tell you" Texted Johnny Ghost. "What is it?"Texted Mark. "Cardboard Friend's shadow is in the video" Ghost texted back. "Hold on, I am coming to your house!"Texted Mark with an exclamation point.

Sooner then Johnny expected it, Mark arrived. Johnny Ghost quickly went down to the door, but stopped to look at his phone,

Ghost tapped on Toast's messages and the last text's Johnny Toast and Ghost sent to each other were "Hey, I think there might be a Level 3 paranormal entity in the graveyard" Said the text by Ghost.

"Okay,sir, coming in a good amount of TIME, get it" Said the text by Toast. Johnny Ghost got a tear down his eye, as he looked at the text's. Suddenly, the doorbell ran. "Ghost, it's me,Mark!" Shouted Mark. Johnny Ghost looked off his phone, unlocked the door, and opened the door. "Hello" Said Mark. "Hi, the video is upstairs" Said Ghost in a fast pace. "Good" Answered Mark.

Johnny waited for Mark reaction to the shadow in  the video. Later, Mark rushed down the stairs and brought down Ghost's laptop. "Why didn't he just call me to come upstairs?" Thought Johnny Ghost to himself. Mark placed down the laptop on the living room table. "Be careful, it's glass" Said Johnny Ghost worried. Mark then immediatly said "I think I know where their location is" Johnny Ghost was shocked and asked "Where is it?" "Remember that

office building abandoned in 2005, that's where it is" Answered Mark. Ghost saw Mark go to the trunk of the car and got out something. Mark got back into the house and put down an Submachine gun and a Pistol on the living room table. Mark picked up the Smg and Mark handed Ghost the pistol. "Why do we need...uh...guns?" Asked Johnny Ghost confused. Mark said sarcastically "Because, everyone there is friendly" Ghost got annoyed and said "Okay,okay, it's heavily guarded probably and stop being sarcastic" "Also, we are the only people entering an heavily guarded place by...cough cough... The Crow's" Said Ghost again. Mark put his hand on his chin and thought for a little bit, until he said "We need backup"

"Okay, but who's going to help us?" Asked Johnny Ghost. "We need to find atleat two members of the Acachalla gang" Replied Mark. Johnny Ghost sighed. "Please, tell me we won't run into Maxwell" Thought Johnny Ghost to himself.

*Now at nighttime*

Johnny Ghost and Mark got out their guns and looked around for any Acachalla gang members. Suddenly, both of them heard a "Smash!!" sound from a bank that was close by. Johnny noticed that the streets were almost abandoned, except for a couple cars. So it felt kind of eerie to Ghost. Mark heard voices from the bank and then whispered to Johnny Ghost "I think I heard someone" They both entered the broken window of the bank. Johnny Ghost felt like he wasn't alone.

"Hey,Mark I don't feel..." Ghost was interrupted when he noticed Mark had disapeared. "Mark!!!" Screamed Johnny Ghost. Suddenly, someone yelled "Drop the weapon!" Johnny Ghost didn't hestitate and dropped his gun. Ghost looked to his left and saw Princeton Quaqamire putting his weapon up to Mark. "Let him go!!" Commanded Ghost. Suddenly, Johnny Ghost felt something on the back of his head.

"Well,well,well,looks like Johnny Ghost is here" Said a voice Ghost recongized as Maxwell. "What do you want?" Asked Princeton Quaqamire.  "We just want you guys to help us...invade one of The Crow's bases" Said Johnny Ghost quickly.

Maxwell Acachalla laughed stupidly and said "Yeah,no" "So you guys can rob a bank, but can't invade a place" Commented Johnny Ghost. "Fine!" Yelled Princeton Quaqamire. Princeton let go of Mark and Mark said "Whew, again, I thought I was dead there"

"Well, your lucky, random person and Ghost" Replied Maxwell Acachalla. "My name is Mark" Said Mark. "So what's the plan?" Asked Maxwell Acachalla. "We break in" Replied Mark.

"Sounds fun" Said Princeton Quaqamire happily.

"Chapter 9:According to plan"

There was Johnny Ghost, Mark, Princeton Quagamire, and Maxwell staring at The Crow's base from a safe distance. "Well, what is our first action?" Asks Maxwell Acachalla. Johnny Ghost made a serious look at Maxwell and replied "You see those two guards over there, Mark and I will take them both out, but you and Princeton wait for my orders" Princeton shrugged while Maxwell nodded. Two guards stood at the front door, watching for anyone trying to enter the building. Both Johnny Ghost and Mark went up to the guards and made them unconcious by both hitting them. " would be a smart idea if we disguised as one of The Crow's" Said Mark. "Good idea" Agreed Ghost. Johnny Ghost decided to take off his coat and put on the Crow's coat and wear the sunglasses. But, when Johnny looked at Mark, Mark was only wearing one of the guards sunglasses. "It's still a disguise" Said Mark. "Stay with Princeton and Maxwell" Replied Johnny. When Mark walked away, Johnny Ghost entered the building, seeing camera's and loads of members in every corner. "Okay,Johnny, be a normal member and fit in" Thought Johnny Ghost. They had a giant clock, bigger than Ghost expected. Johnny stopped when he saw a identity station right in front of him. "Name?" Asked the guard to the Crow member. "Arnold S. Hall" Answered the member. The guard stepped out of the man's way and continued walking.

Ghost tried to figure a way out of the checking station, Johnny looked to the right and saw a door leading outside (That's probably where Maxwell,Mark, and Princeton are at) and a small meeting room. Johnny had to atleast try. Johnny walked up to the station, hoping the guard would just ignore him. "Name?" Asked the guard. Ghost realised the guard was one of the people who followed Johnny Ghost in the tv shop.

"" Johnny Ghost was interrupted by the guard asking,"Sir, who are you?" Johnny Ghost had no choice but to call for his backup. "Now!!!" Screamed Johnny Ghost.

Mark, Maxwell, and Princeton busted down the door and immediatly fired there weapons at any Crow member they saw. Johnny Ghost pulled out his pistol and fired at the known guard right on time, however Ghost just wounded him. Johnny ran to cover, while a giant gun fight was starting, Johnny took off his sunglasses and Crow coat. Ghost ran out of cover for a second to continuing shooting, Ghost couldn't see anything from all the gunfire. So he didn't know if he shot someone or not. "I can't see!" Yelled Johnny Ghost in his mind.

Finally, the gunfire ended. "Come on, let's go!!" Shouted Princeton. A bunch of bodies and blood were on the floor, Ghost looked in horror at the dead Crow members, it reminded him of his partner and friend, Johnny Toast. "I said let's go" Declared Princeton. The ganag went into the library area to meet a Crow member that threw a flashbang at Maxwell.

"Stand back!!" shouted Maxwell to Mark, Johnny Ghost, and Princeton. Maxwell quickly possessed a book, smacked the Crow member unconcious with the heavy book, but failed to stop the flashbang from going off. Mark was blinded for a second by the flashbang and said sarcastically "Thanks Maxwell for saving us" "Your not welcome" Answered Maxwell. "Also, I think we should go upstairs" Said Maxwell again. They pushed the door open for the upstairs, it was your normal stone stairs with no rats or mice. Finally, the gang got to the highest floor while panting. They all looked up to see a bunch of guards with guns aiming at all of them.

"Fire!!" Commanded one of the Crow men. The men fired at Johnny Ghost, Mark, and Princeton Quaqamire. Suddenly, time got slower. Johnny Ghost wondered who did that, it was MAXWELL!Time finally stopped, except for Maxwell. Maxwell first threw one of the Crow Men out of a window, the window was smashed, but The Crow Member didn't fall down yet. Maxwell decided to turn four Crow Members guns at each other, Maxwell shot the four  guns at each other, but no one was hit by the bullet yet. Maxwell saw the last two people at the back, Maxwell grabbed the back of one of the Crow members head and then smash the front of his head on the keyboard, the keyboard wasn't smashed yet though.

The last Crow Member was shot by Maxwell's gun, however the bullet actually did kill the Last Crow member, blood came out the Crow member. After all that, time came back to normal form and everything that was suppose to happen actually happened, loads of glass and technology was broken. Some unconcious and dead bodies lied on the ground. The Three (Princeton, Ghost, and Mark), all just headed upstairs without saying anything. "No thank you, not even a..." Maxwell Stopped and followed the group. They all ended up in a meeting room, tons of chairs and a table in this area. "Wait, this is where Cardboard Friend ended up killing someone, eh, i'm gonna do the same thing to Cardboard Friend, i'm gonna rip his guts and throat out" Thought Johnny Ghost. "Look out!!!"Shouted Quaqamire. Princeton fired his shotgun at the Crow Member behind Mark. The Crow member fell to the ground with blood squirting out of his neck.

*Mark's P.O.V.*

Mark felt a dark and deep feeling in his body, he held his gun up and aimed at every door and vent in the room. "Should I tell the group about my feeling?" Mark asked himself. "No, I can't" Mark thought to himself again.

*Johnny Ghost's P.O.V.*

"You!!!" Screamed Johnny Ghost.

"Chapter 10:Battle of the master"

Cardboard Friend came into the room, Mark looked nervous, Princeton and Maxwell were reloading their weapons, Ghost was VERY ready for battle. "Hmm...I actually did except you to kill almost everyone in this building and meet me for battle" Said Cardboard Friend. Cardboard Friend realized someone very very very special was right in front of him (Johnny Ghost). "You, I know you are looking for your unnamed suspect, Gregory" Responded Cardboard Friend.

"It was you who killed one of my greatest friends, you are a mass murderer, you probably killed more good people!!" Yelled Ghost. "Well, Exactly, I didn't kill Toast, it-" Cardboard Friend was interrupted by Johnny Ghost shouting, "You are lying and you always will be, you know you killed him, i've lost many friends and a girlfriend when P.I.E. started, Toast was my only best friend left!!" Princeton Quaqamire and Maxwell Acachalla fired at Cardboard Friend, suddenly, CardBoard Friend made both Princeton and Maxwell unconcious.

*Mark's P.O.V.*

"Eat my tasty and bloody bullets, you humanoid monster!!!" Mark yelled while firing his weapon at Cardboard Friend. Mark suddenly was pushed by Cardboard Friend into the meeting table, Mark screamed in pain as he broke his hand.

*Johnny Ghost's P.O.V.*

"You idiot!!!!" Raged Johnny Ghost. Ghost quickly punched Cardboard Friend in the jaw. At that moment, Ghost felt like time just stopped,Johnny Ghost was immediatly happy, Ghost's eyes turned red and Johnny turned unconcious as soon as he became the legendary JIMMY CASKET!!!

Cardboard Friend woke up and saw that Johnny Ghost was now Jimmy Casket. "You really have to be joking with me" Commented Cardboard Friend. Jimmy Casket Approached the Villian with his knive. "So, do you want to hear a real secret, cause I have a really good one" Jimmy Casket says in a creepy voice. Jimmy Casket ran up to Cardboard Friend, Jimmy kept stabbing and stabbing Cardboard friend as many times as he could. Jimmy Casket couldn't even think about anything while stabbing Cardboard Friend to death slowly.

*Mark's P.O.V.*

Mark's left hand was hurting very bad, his bones were broken and he couldn't move his hand. Meanwhile, Mark was watching what Johnny Ghost turned into. "What did he turn...into?" Mark asked himself shocked.

*Jimmy Casket P.O.V.*

"Move away, Gregory, this is not you" Said Cardboard Friend as he tries to move Jimmy Casket with his (Maybe her's) powers. Jimmy did not move, not even one little bit.

"You can't hurt me, i'm one of your little...what should I say... people" Jimmy Casket says as he laughs. Jimmy kept stabbing Cardboard Friend.

*Mark's P.O.V.*

Mark just wanted to put Cardboard Friend out of it's misery. Mark couldn't watch Cardboard Friend be mutilated by Jimmy Casket. Mark slowly reached for his Uzi with his working hand. Mark aimed his weapon at Cardboard Friend. "Just...s-shoot it... put it out of...i-it's mi-misery, god, my stu-stupid hand...hurts" Mark whispered to himself. Mark shot the bullets out of his weapon, all of the bullets hit Cardboard Friend in the head or arm.

As Cardboard Friend died, Johnny Ghost looked like he was out of Jimmy Casket's possesion. Ghost fainted, his eyes were closed but he looked like he was still breathing. "Ghost!!?" Yelled Mark as he stepped closer to Johnny Ghost.  Johnny Ghost didn't answer, but he knew he would still be alive. Mark attempted to escort Johnny Ghost out of the building, but his left hand was broken. Suddenly, someone tapped Mark's shoulder, it was Maxwell Acachalla.

 "Hey, i'm always right here, cause i'm a ghost remember?" Joked Maxwell Acachalla. "Hah, yeah of course" Responded Mark. Maxwell grabbed Johnny Ghost's unconcious body and carried out of the building. "That's probably enough fighting for today" Commented Princeton Quaqamire. Princeton Quaqamire glanced at all the dead bodies on the floor. He quickly saw Mark suffering with his broken hand. "May I do the assistance for you?" Asked Princeton Quaqamire politely. Mark smiled.

"Chapter 11: The day is here"

Johnny Ghost slowly woke up on Mark's couch, Ghost felt miserable while waking up. He quickly remembered that Johnny Toast was dead. Memories rushed into Ghost's head of what happened yesterday. On the table, there was eggs and bacon, Coffee, and a note. Johnny Ghost grabbed the note. The note said " Dear Johnny Ghost, Johnny Toast's funeral is today, but for a little refreshment, I gave you breakfast.-  Best Friend,Mark."

*Later at Toast's funeral*

Johnny Ghost, Mark, Officer Maloney, The Acachalla family, The Acachalla Gang, Fred Spookier, Some of P.I.E., and the Queen of Engalnd were at the funeral. A lot of people Johnny Ghost knew were at the funeral. Mark's hand had a Cast on it, The Queen of England was crying, and Johnny Toast's body was in the coffin, the reason why Toast's funeral was delayed is because doctors had to do a serious autopsy on the body. Doctors said that the bullet came out of an Colt M1911. Johnny Ghost came up to Toast's coffin, he bent down and kissed Johnny Toast on the head. "I love you, Toast" Whispered Johnny Ghost.

*7 days later*

Johnny Ghost was standing right in front of Toast's grave, tears came down his eyes as flowers were placed all around his grave, one of the flowers was Ghost's. "Sir" Said a light voice behind Johnny Ghost. Ghost turned around to see a ghost of Johnny Toast, Johnny Ghost was amazed to see Toast again. “It’s gonna be alright, Ghost” Said Johnny Toast in a light voice. Johnny Toast disappeared at that very second. “Wait!!” Yelled Ghost. Johnny Ghost sighed and turned around, Johnny Ghost grabbed a flower from his pocket and placed it near Toast’s grave.

“Epilogue" Johnny Ghost was running away from someone, Ghost didn’t even know where he was, he could tell that he was hurt because his side was bleeding, Ghost knew he just had to run away. But the pain was too much for Ghost. Johnny Ghost tripped, his face hit the concrete, but he luckily wasn’t badly wounded by hitting the concrete. Little drops of blood fell from Johnny’s side. Suddenly, Ghost felt a weapon on the back of his head, Johnny Ghost refused to turn around. “You don’t even know how long  I have been waiting for this day” Said the voice. Johnny Ghost was scared, he wondered what’s gonna happen to him. “ If you have any last words, say it now” Demanded the voice. “Who kill...ed To-toast?” Asked Johnny Ghost.

“I’m afraid no one will answer that question, goodbye...Mister Ghost” Said the voice. A gunshot hit the back Ghost’s head. At the same time Ghost was shot. Johnny Ghost woke up realizing it was just a nightmare. “Whew, it was just a nightmare” Whispered Johnny Ghost to himself. Ghost looked at the alarm clock and it read 5:58 AM. Johnny Ghost fell asleep fastly. “It’s just a nightmare” Thought Ghost to himself.


Very hard story to write for me. Thank you Venturiantale for making this exist and Thank You ElectricFire169 for supporting me to do Mystery. Also...Thank You... everyone else...for reading this story.

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