(If liked, I shall continue.)

Chapter One

As I woke up, I heard but one thing. A scream. I quickly grabbed the butcher knife I carry as a self defense weapon. I ran, full speed into my parent's room, and seconds before another scream, I heard "Stab Stab Stab!" As I waited for the hooded intruder, I noticed a pool of blood spreading across the carpet. He- no- IT killed my parents! Blinded by rage, I ran, knife in hand at the killer. And in the few seconds I saw the murderer, Irealized not one possible killer, but two. Jimmy Casket, or Simon Henriksson. Both equally as mental, I suppose.

As I tried to stab him, I felt a sudden blow to my head, and then, the floor rushed up to meet me.

Chater Two I awoke, wearing bloody hospital scrubs, and as my vision cleared up, a woman saw me and shouted to the next room, "Billy! He's alive! Quick! Help me bandage him up!" After which, a doctor ran through the door and said, "Look, just hold still, Mister...?" He obviously didn't know my name, so, I replied, weakly, "J-Joseph." The woman, apparently named Maddie Friend, wrapped Gauze around my wounds, and afterwords said, " I have good news and bad news, which would you like to hear first?" I decided to just hear what I already know, and get it over with. " Bad news, just get it out of the way." " Your parents, they..." "Died? Yeah, I know." "Well, your gonna be fine!" "But where am I gonna live?" I asked as a fat bald man walked in, and said to the doctor, "Billy, who's that?" He pointed at me, and I said, as I got up, "Joseph. You?" "Papa. Papa Acachalla." He said, proudly. Then a woman walked in with a crow bar strapped to her back walked in, obviously having heard our conversation, "Look, since you have no home, we can adopt you, if thatss ok. " It took me a heartbeat to make my decision "yes. Of course."