Dear Family

I'm not one to say these things

But I'm scared.

If you can read this, Gertrude. Billy. Sue. All ya'll. Sally isn't acting nicely. And no, it's not waffles... She's said weird things. She's broken things she loved. I've been wonderin' if something ticked her off.

You know that doll she liked? I walked in on her cutting it to pieces with my machete. I asked her why and she.. just stared at me. For about 10 seconds, just looking at me. And then she smiled, tilted her head. It sounds weird, 'Trude, but it sent goosebumps down my body. She said something.... I don't remember, really. Something along the lines 'o, er, "You'll know your time when she cries" and she said is so softly. That's normal, ya know, but she didn't sound so young...She sounded her age.

I know Gertrude, after our fight, we haven't spoken. But I need you. She keeps writing your name on a black piece of paper, muttering something and grinning. I called a, er, a doctor... I told her her condition... AD-HD, schizophrenia, those big words that man told us, er, a long time ago...

As we speak, she's yelling in her room. I hear the banging above me, I thought to check on her, but I'm worried. Has her mind gotten bigger? Don't tell Billy this part.

I had breakfast with her this morning. She wasn't wearing anything, which wasn't pleasant. I asked her why, and she said she didn't want blood on her tutu. That... made me jump. I asked her the heck she was talkin' bout... She said she was 'exchanging truths with brother.'

I ran upstairs to see what was in her room. Now I'm not a clean man. I've... commited some crimes.

But I didn't raise Sally to become the monster that she is now. I called the police. I did 911. The phones didn't work. I yelled at the phone and over and over I shook.

I heard a shaky 'Papa?' behind me. And I heard the door close. And as footsteps echoed behind me, I, er, jumped over her... mess. I jumped out the window. And climbed back into the house and got on here.

I can't say much. I don't want her to see what I've told you. But she's hurt me, Gertrude. I can't take this anymore. I can't take this smell. The slaughter. What has overcome her? Help me. Call someone. Take Billy and Sue to the 7-11. That's my safe house.

ee and To all my closest...

i love youaaEt

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