Papa Acachalla was jamming it out to Mexican jazz music when he heard a knock on his door. He slithered over to it like a snake and opened it, revealing a very handsome man and his female accomplice that looked like Skylar from Breaking Bad. "FBI." the man said, showing Papa his ID wallet thing as Papa admired his chiseled features and stunning facial hair. "WHAT NO I GOT RID OF THE DRUGS TEN WEEKS AGO I TOLD YEAHS" screamed Papa. The man raised an eyebrow, before opening his soft, luscious lips. "No, sir, we're here because of reports that you're a lesbian alien from the planet Mars." he said. "WHAT NO" said Papa, punching the man in the face. The woman pulled out her glock and shot Papa seven thousand times through the skull, instantly killing him. He then came back from the dead. "HONEY IT'S THE fbi" he screamed as he ran into the living room, seeing Gertrude making out with Sydney from Payday 2. "WHAT No" said Papa, scratching his inner layers. "That's the lesbian alien I was talking about!" said Mulder, who had followed Papa, as SWAT operatives entered the house and jumped the women engaging in steamy interspecies lesbo action. Papa engaged in a fist fight with Fox, Mulder growling and punching him in the large intestine. Papa instantly died, as Fox urinated all over his dead body.