(I did not write this fanfiction! Tinyclawthecat did on DeviantART)

Papa Acachala's Puppy: The return of the puppy

This document is all we could revive after Master Yoda relieved himself on the computer. We will now show you the progress Papa Acachala completed on his book.

Chapter 1: He lay there in his bed, warm and plump. He missed his old life as a hunting dog but never came back. He could still hear his owner's call, 'Max! Come back! Here boy!' These words teased at him day and night, he enjoyed his care-free life as Buddy, he never wanted to go back. 'Im sorry Max.' Max could see Acachala in the foggy distance, he tried his best to catch up with his old friend but his over-weight body slowed him down. Farther and father away Acachala was. Max awoke with a fright, he realized that he just had a bad dream. His owner came to him and gave him a small treat, then left him. Papa Acachala use to pick him up and let him sleep with Gertrude. The warmth between the two was soothing but here he was, alone in the dark. Max couldn't sleep that night, he kept thinking about the life he use to have, Max scratched at the back door. He hoped to be let outside so he could think of a way to forget Acachala. After hours of thinking, he thought of a way to fix it. He wouldrhdjxiebdmlcud dmjxbdnckjnnnnnnnbshddddjxjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

That was all we could fix, the rest was very unclear and blurry. We are sorry for the inconvenience, on the other hand, my husband managed to correct the family's behavior. Yours truely, Mrs. Yoda

by Tinyclawthecat on DeviantART

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