Not Clear!!!! A Venturiantale Fan Fiction by Casey Maloney and edited by Casey Maloney and my Dad (My Dad edited chapters 1-3.)

Chapter 1: Awake

Billy woke up, but he couldn't see anything. He heard zippering and weird people talking in radios, which Billy could not understand really.

Billy tried to speak but he couldn't. Suddenly he felt a mask attaching to his face, Billy's eyes finally opened. He saw two people with strange masks, green pants and black armored vests.

"Where am I?" asked Billy.

"In the citadel" said the Metro Police.

Billy looked at his hands and then he looked at his vest and pants. Billy was shocked because he was one of them. Billy backed away and asked "How long have I been out?"

The second cop answered him and said "Only 5 weeks"

Billy had that weird feeling to almost spit up. He then changed the subject and asked "Where's Papa Acachalla?"

The first cop answered and said "Somewhere in the city"

Billy took his mask off and drank the cup right next to him. Billy had more questions he wanted to ask. "Is there any leader?" asked Billy.

"Yes, Dr. Breen" said the first cop. Billy asked another question "What do I have to do?"

"Protect Citizens, feed them, and yeah" said the second cop.

Billy was still confused, before he could ask another question a strange door opened and showed a random pod. "Get in" said the second cop. Billy didn't want to talk back so he just went in. But Billy just noticed where the pod was looked like it was in a closet. The first cop pushed the first button and gave Billy a stun stick and a 9mm pistol.

The second button opened a wall and showed Billy the citadel. Billy was amazed by the view, he also later saw some weird deformed creatures also known as stalkers were fixing something. Billy also saw was some soldiers with gray pants, vests, and masks that had shining blue eyes. Three of them were all white. Billy looked down and saw giant things with three legs and brown skin.

Billy smiled and couldn't wait to see Papa Acachalla.

Chapter 2: City 17

Billy is now at the plaza, wondering where Papa Acachalla was. Billy was tired and sat down on a bench. Until he heard a familiar voice which said "What are you doing?!"

"Papa!!!"Shouted Billy excited.

He ran to where he heard the voice come from. But he saw Papa, Gertrude, and Sally arrested. "Ugh...I just wanted waffles" struggled Sally.

"Let us go!" declared Gertrude.

"What is happening?" asked Billy.

"These citizens are Resistance members" said the cop.

"Yeah, but they are my family" said Billy.

"Is that Billy or Sue?" asked Papa.

Billy took off his mask and finally revealed who he was. "Billy!!!" Papa, Gertrude, and Sally all yelled surprised. "Billy, I just want you to do something" Papa cried.

Billy wanted to hang out with his family, but they were all arrested. Billy thought really hard and then finally said "I have reports of a fight in a canal, want to help squad D?"

"Sure" said the cop and ran off towards the canal.

"Into the apartment!" said Sally. They all ran into the apartment. "Whew, lets drink some water" said Gertrude. Everyone agreed.

Minutes later they all heard footsteps and Combine radios. Suddenly a Citizen ran and yelled "Civil Protection!!" But then he was shot with multiple bullets. "Come on!!!" Papa yelled. All of the Acachallas ran.

Then one of the cops said "Code number:98764 lied to us, over"

"I'm going to get him" said the cop angry.

Billy and the family kept running, all they heard behind them were gunshots, stun sticks and screaming. They all stopped at a room full of citizens.

"Come in here" said the Citizen.

They all got in the room. "What is it?" asked Gertrude. "The roof is the other way to ex..." the Citizen paused. There was a sound of a door breaking apart. The cops broke in and electrocuted the citizen with a stun stick. Everyone in the room ran, Sally looked behind her and saw a citizen getting grabbed. But the citizen was kicking the cop, so the cop brutally shot the citizen with a pistol. The Acachallas and some of the citizens escaped.

While the cops were chasing after them, they were heading to the roof. "Keep running!!!" yelled Billy. "Oh no!" said Billy again as he looked behind him. "I found a door" said Papa Acachalla.

They all ran into the door and closed it. They were at the roof. They looked everywhere for an they jumped out of a hole and landed on another roof. "That was kinda scary" pointed out Billy.

Suddenly three cops were right in front of them. "Face the ground or else you will be shot" said one of the cops. "You should follow his order's, you know" said another cop.

Gertrude suddenly pulled out her crowbar and killed two of them. Billy took out his pistol and shot the last cop. Then an alarm went off and the over watch voice said "Reminder for Civil Protection(CP) team: Arrest or kill any Anti-Citizen targets"

"Hey look a Canal" said Billy. They all went down there and hoped for an escape.

"Chapter 3: Speech for the Combine

Billy and the rest were in a dirty canal and while they were down there Papa Acachalla wondered what Spencer was doing.

  • Spencer's P.O.V.*

"Oh, you absoulute nerd" said Spencer looking at a CP from a secret camera. Spencer wanted to check another camera, until he was interrupted by static.

  • Back to Billy and the families P.O.V.*

Billy looked at the monitor at one of the buildings. But suddenly someone appeared on the screen. "Who the heck is that?"Papa Acachalla questioned.

"Hello, citizens of City 17, I've recently have heard of this Acachalla family running around the city" said Dr.Breen. "Our protecters, the Combine have been keeping us safe for weeks" said Dr.Breen again. "If you have seen the known rebels as the Acachalla to me"

The screen faded and went blank.

"Dr.Breen" said Billy after the little warning. Suddenly Sally looked down and said "I know someone you should meet"


"Here" said Chump Kazooie giving a box to a Citizen.

Billy had to do this mission alone. "Hi" said Billy.

"Hello, did you order mail or something?" asked Chump Kazooie.

Billy stepped closer to Chump Kazooie. "I just wanted to say, do you know anything about the Combine" whispered Billy.

Chump Kazooie looked at the customers and said "store closed everybody, I'm going to a family party."

Everyone left the store. Chump Kazooie turned around and touched the wall unlocking a keypad. He typed the code in which was 1456. A door opened which lead to an upstairs level.

Billy and Chump Kazooie went two levels up. Billy was surprised to see a Combine computer up here.

"The Combine are a hostile alien force which invaded our planet. That also caused the 7 hour war" said Chump Kazooie. "I saw what they did to the citizens" pointed out Billy. "There are loads of different types of combine things. Soldiers, Cops, Elites and so much more" Said Chump Kazooie.

"They also have higher level tech then our planet...Earth" said Chump Kazooie.

"I woke up as one of the cops" said Billy.

"There is a 2 percent chance you c..." Chump Kazooie paused as he saw a red dot on his head. Billy looked out the window and saw a Combine APC. The APC suddenly shot at Chump Kazooie, killing him.

"Oh god!!"Billy yelled.

The APC shot at Billy, but it missed. Billy ran downstairs panting and sweating a little bit.

"This way!" Billy said as he got out of the building. He went across the street and saw a cop say "Target spotted."

Then Billy shot the Metro Police. Billy suddenly saw a group of Combine soldiers and shotgunners.

Chapter 4:The Street Battle

Billy knew he couldn't defeat those guys with a pistol. He looked to the left of him and saw an Smg that the dead cop left. He picked up the weapon and started to shoot at the combine. The Combine Soldiers were stronger then Billy thought they would be. Only two soldiers were dead and then he realized, the shotgunners were the problem. He shot the smg at all four of the Shotgunners and now the horde of combine were weaker. "Well, that was kind of difficult" Billy said to himself. Billy stood up again and shot only one of them, he then took out his pistol and shot three Soldiers with it. Suddenly,there was another shotgunner. Billy didn't want to use his Smg, so he just threw his stunstick at him, electrocuting the shotgunner. A Soldier was behind Billy and the soldier almost knocked him out, because Billy was fighting back. The Soldier was so close to knocking him out or even killing him. "heh, any last words"Said the soldier. But then a headcrab was behind the soldier."Look behind you"Said Billy. The soldier turned around and then after a second the Combine was infected with the headcrab, but he didn't turn into a Zombine yet. Billy took out his Smg and shot at 6 Combine soldiers. "Yes, you guys are idiots!!" Billy yelled to the Combine. "Retreat, I repeat Retreat!!!"Ordered one of the last soldiers. They all retreated. Billy laughed and then said"No one can even beat me" But a couple minutes later more combine came. Billy smirked and pulled out his smg, but it was out of ammo." Darnit"Said Billy. The soldiers were about to shoot until a Zombine came with a armed grenade in his hand and blew up, killing almost all of the group.Only two were left. Billy shot them with his pistol and then reloaded it. The battle was done and Billy was about to pick up a shotgun. But suddenly he saw a person run by. "Chapter 5:Chase" "Who was that ?" Billy asked himself. He was going to follow the guy until he saw three City Scanners blocking him. Billy just pulled out his pistol and shot them.Then Billy thought about this "When people cause trouble with the scanners, wouldn't they alert the Cp's?" Billy saw the guy turn around for a glance, then run. Billy caught the hair only, it was familiar. It was like white and maybe gray hair. "Hey, come back here!!"Billy yelled. Billy ran into what looked like some type of facility which looked like an apartment. He still saw the guy running away. Billy went through many rooms, until he was tired. He saw a Cp right in front of him. "He's right here!!"Yelled the cop. Four more cops came to the place and the cops saw him. "I'll do this on my own"Said one of the cops. "I need something to knock him out" Billy said to himself. Billy ran as fast as he could."You won't even make it to a room"Said the cop. "Yes I can"Said Billy as he entered a door on his left. Billy then quickly blocked it, then the door started to bang. "I know you're in there"Said the cop. "Alright, a closet" Said Billy. He searched the closet, until he found a tv. The cop busted in and said "Hands up", but Billy threw the tv at the cop. Billy quickly laughed and then went to the stairs, quietly. Billy then saw the guy again. Billy then saw another thing which looked familiar about that guy. He had a yellow-ish sweater. "Get back here for the last time!!!" Yelled Billy. Billy ran up the stairs and the person was going to the roof it looked like. "I'm not going to hurt you, just get your butt back here!!"Billy yelled again. They were now at the roof,the man was staring at the sky. Before Billy even said anything he saw the dusty was also familiar. "Who are you?" asked Billy. The man turned around and it was Jasper. "Jasper" Said Billy shocked. "You are Billy, right?"Asked Jasper scared. "Yes"Said Billy. "They are going to come after you, all of them"Said Jasper again. "Of course, they are"Said Billy. "Well, goodbye"Said Jasper. "That quick, why?"Asked Billy. "Because, if I am apart of the war...I will die "Look we can..." Billy was interrupted by Jasper. "Have you seen what they done, they torture and execute those poor people"Said Jasper. Billy just stares at Jasper. Suddenly Jasper said "Goodbye, nothing else"Said Jasper. Jasper then jumped off the building. "Noooo!!!!"Screamed Billy. Billy turned around to see some Combine soliders and one Elite. "It's all your fault!"Yelled Billy. Billy was about to take out his shotgun, but he suddenly realized they would all kill him instantly. Billy knew he was doomed. "Get on the ground"Said the Elite. Suddenly Sally came with an old Ak-47 and shot all of the soldiers with it. The elite was about to shoot Sally with his Ar2. But then Billy pulled out his shotgun and killed the Combine Elite"Follow me"Said Sally. "Ok"Said Billy. Billy went to the entrance of the facility and saw a newspaper that said Fred found dead. "Chapter 6: Latest News" Billy was walking with Sally to the Acachalla's apartment room. Both Sally and Billy saw there apartment number. So they just went inside the apartment and everyone was there. When Sally stepped in before Billy, Sally asked "Did you meet Chump Kazooie?" Billy answered and said "Yes, but he died" Sally put her head down and just kept walking. Billy felt bad for Sally. "Oh, hello"Said Spencer. "Hi"Said Billy. "You should see what is happening on the news, it's crazy"Said Spencer. "Hmm...with Sgt.Kills alot?"Asked Billy. "Yes."Spencer answered.Billy walked to the computer room and also saw Papa Acachalla watching an old tv series. Billy stepped in to the computer room. "Hey,Billy check this out."Said Sgt.Kills alot. "What is it?"Asked Billy. "Well,you were here at the time."Said Sgt.Kills alot. The news said, Rebel Chump Kazooie found dead. The Sgt showed him more articles like Rebel Jasper suicided and Rebel Cleopatera arrested. "I've never been to Nova Prospekt"Said Billy. "Pfft...we won't even last a full Teen Titans Go episode in there"The Sgt Said. "Why are they doing this to all of us?"Asked Billy. "Dr.Breen does not care about anything"Said the Sgt. Billy suddenly exited the room and went to Papa Acachalla. Billy smiled when he saw him. "Papa,we need to do something against the Combine"Billy said. "A rebel force"Said Papa Acachalla. "But they are killing so many of us!"Billy screamed quietly. "Even Fred?"Asked Papa. Billy nodded. "Oh"Said Papa Acachalla. "Maybe a secret rebel force called, The Acachalla's?"Billy asked. "Sure"Said Papa Acachalla. Billy cleared his throat. Suddenly Gertrude came to Papa and Billy and asked "Hey, we have rations do any of you want them?" Billy and Papa both said at the same time "No, they are disgusting." Gertrude replied back by saying "Me too, they are not edible." Billy hummed a song he liked. A rebel radio came on and there was static, shooting, screaming,and faint noises of Combine radio's. Everyone was a little bit scared and curious. They then heard noises of where it was coming from, the Industrial side of City 17. "I don't like that side of City 17"Said Papa Acachalla. Everyone agreed except for Billy, because he had questions about it. "What is it like at the Industrial side?" Asked Billy. "Dirty, filled with Combine, and the Nexus is also there too"Said Papa Acachalla. "What's the Nexus?" Asked Billy. "The Nexus is one of the biggest Combine Checkpoints in City 17, the security is high and it also has lazers and weird turrets that can detect you in a second" Said Papa Acachalla. Before Billy would go get a drink, Spencer interrupted and said "Guys, I found an empty warehouse" "It also has a lot of space"Said Spencer again. Papa and Billy both smiled.

"Chapter 7:The war for City 17" Everyone was at the warehouse,even other rebels. "When is Billy here?"One of the rebels asked waiting. "I don't know"Said another rebel. Finally Billy showed up on the stage. Everyone was quiet and looking at Billy. "Why should we follow the Combine. They are just stupid aliens who like to destroy, kill, and much more careless things"Said Billy. " We should go to the next level and show them what is like to be hurt, So all of you should be happy that we are avenging for our own earth " Said Billy again. Johnny Ghost chewed his gum slowly while Johnny Toast just sat and stared. "You should join me against the Combine so we can be free forever on this world" Billy said again. "Or you could stay here and just wait for your doom to come"Said Billy. Spencer stood up and went to Billy. Spencer then said "He's right, we should have our own world" Everyone cheered and went to the streets of City 17. All of the rebels marched along the street. But Suddenly a Combine Camera caught them marching."Get as many troops ready for battle"Said one of the Elite's "Yes, Sir"Said one of the soldiers. "Warn Dr.Breen about it too"Said the Elite. Meanwhile the rebels were still cheering until they meet a horde of Combine. Everyone stopped and waited for Billy's orders. "Fire!!!"Shouted Billy. Everyone fired and the Combine were being wiped out. Then Johnny Ghost turned into Jimmy Casket and killed four Combine Shotgunners. Suddenly a Combine Sniper shot at a Rebel, Wounding him."Sniper!!"Yelled one of the Rebel's. Johnny Toast turned into werewolf form (In the Morning for some reason) and destroyed the Sniper in one second. Billy and his army wiped out the horde of Combine. "We need more soldiers!!!"Ordered one of the Combine's retreating. Suddenly, a Gunship came while the rebel's were running. The Acachalla family hid and tried to find an Rpg, while Spencer went in another direction. "Where's Spencer going?"Asked Gertrude. "I don't know"Said Billy. The Gunship shot two rebels running to get ammo. Sally then ran to the dead rebels and got an Rpg. "Take this!"Sally yelled to the Gunship while shooting it with an Rpg. The Gunship was destroyed and suddenly Papa Acachalla went in to another direction with Gertrude. Billy and Sally went into another street with some of their rebels. A strider showed up, but it didn't see them. "Come on guy's"Billy said. Suddenly, a dropship appeared with more Combine Soldiers. Billy and a few Rebels shot at the soldiers while Sally was checking their six. More Combine Soldiers came and it was just Metro-Police and Elite's. The Rebels fired and then Sally came and shot all of the cops. Billy Picked up a grenade and threw it at Elite's ,killing them.

The group then rested for a little bit and got some ammo. Suddenly there was big bam in the distance. All of the rebels looked and saw a headcrab Canister crashing into a building. Three seconds later, a headcrab canister aimed at the army of rebels. "They're shelling us!!!"Yelled one of the rebels.But the canister struck at a group of rebels running so they could hide. "Run!! Run!!"Yelled Sally. Everyone ran to the street right in front of them.

Sally and Billy looked behind them and saw another Canister striking at another group of rebels in front of them. Everyone ran to there right and took a breath and then one of the Rebels said “There are so many of them, what are we suppose to do?” Billy patted the Rebel on the shoulder and said “We will win” "Here is the plan"Sally said. "We can split up some of our men, so it would be easier to battle"Said Sally again. "Great plan"Said Billy. The men split up and then right when they start walking two dropships land in front of them. One dropship had Elite's and the other one had Soldiers. The Rebels started shooting and suddenly one of the Elite's released the Plasma ball and then Billy shouted "Everyone duck!!!" All the rebels hid and shooted at the same time. All of the Combine were now dead and then Billy picked up an Ar2. "To the Tunnel"Said Billy.

  • Papa Acachalla's P.O.V.*

"I wonder what's down here?" Asked Papa Acachalla. Suddenly he saw an old Winchester Carbine. Papa grabbed it and shot it at a turret that almost killed him. Papa then laughed and headed upstairs.

"Chapter 8: 11 Minutes later..."

  • Minutes later*

A Hunter-Chopper chased Billy and his army. The Hunter-Chopper then dropped a bomb, which struck a car, exploding it."We have to run faster!!!!"Yelled Billy. The Hunter-Chopper then shot it's minigun, hitting a bike and a tree. The army couldn't run any more, so they thought they were dead."We're not gonna make it"Said one of the Rebel's. As soon as he said that an Rpg from a another building hit the Chopper and the Chopper went into the same direction as where the Rpg was. Billy saw a tunnel and a street and then Billy suddenly had a plan."My plan is you guy's go to the Tunnel, while I go to that street on the left"Billy said. The army followed Billy's plan and went to the tunnel. Billy went to the street and saw Spencer. "Get away from me"Said Spencer shooting an Elite with a Magnum. Spencer pushed another Elite then shot it. Then Spencer was shot by an Elite, killing him."No!"Billy yelled shooting the Elite with an Ar2. Billy moved on and then he saw the bridge to the Industrial side of City 17 destroyed. Billy thought about how to cross the bridge. "Maybe I could use this car?"Asked Billy as he saw a Jalopy.Billy got inside of the Jalopy, so he started up the car and stunted it to the other side of the bridge. As soon as Billy got out of the car a Breencast started. "Hello,fellow Citizens and Combine.Citizens, we should stop doing this to our...extrodinary protecters. You'll be safer with me and the Combine. If you just stop, please"Said Dr.Breen. After the Breencast ended Billy heard a faint booing in the background. Billy then heard a Combine landmine. Billy looked up and saw a refuggee accidently standing on a mine and then the mine exploded, killing the Refuggee. Billy then backed up and suddenly carefully passed the landmines. A minute later, Billy finally got the end of to the other side of the landmines."That was close"Said Billy.

He then saw a crossbow right next to the Refuggee. Billy picked it up and said"This can be really useful"Said Billy. Suddenly a dropship came with only shotgunners. Billy used his crossbow and shot one of the shotgunners with it."Oh god!!"Billy yelled. He focused on the Shotgunners and then Billy pulled his shotgun out and shot all of the Combine. A City Scanner caught him, but Billy shot the scanner."I have to get to the other side of the tunnel"Said Billy.

  • Gertrude's P.O.V.*

Gertrude killed a Combine with her Crowbar. Gertrude looked and saw downstairs blocked by some furniture."How about upstairs"Said a Rebel. "Sure"Said Gertrude.They went upstairs and met a turret right in front of him. The turret shot at the Rebel first. Gertrude was going to run, but she got shot too.

  • Billy's P.O.V.*

Billy saw a Cop with a Manhack and Billy pulled out his Smg and shot a Smg grenade out both destroying the Cop and the Manhack. Billy saw the tunnel and said "I have to wait for them on the other side of this dirty tunnel"Said Billy.

"Chapter 9:Industrial side" Billy picked up a grenade from the dead cop. Billy suddenly saw his army of rebels come out of the tunnel, but there were only 9 left. "Where's everybody else?" Asked Billy. "We were swarmed by Combine and Manhacks"said one of the Rebels. Billy sighed and was looking where to go. Billy saw stairs that lead into some type of shop area. "Up here"Said Billy. The group followed him. Billy realized it was really quiet, he could only hear the sounds of shooting and strider noises. Suddenly, a turret came out of nowhere and shot a rebel. All of the rebels hid with Billy. Billy pulled out a grenade and threw it at the turret. The turret was destroyed and all of the rebels moved on. Later, Billy and his group got some ammo. One rebel saw a blue line on him. "Watch-" The rebel was then hit by the sniper. "Move!!!"Yelled Billy. Billy and his group tripped on to some stairs down into some type of factory."Where are we?"asked one of the rebels. Billy looked down and saw some stairs leading to something else. Then Billy heard some Combine radio's."Everyone defend!!!"Shouted Billy. A horde of Combine came up the stairs. A shotgunner shot a Rebel. Billy shot one shotgunner and three soldiers with his Ar2. Suddenly a bunch of manhacks came, two were near a rebel. The Rebel fell off and hit the ground. Everyone shot at the giant horde of manhacks. "There might be more combine!!"Yelled Billy. Billy was now confused and asked himself "How did the Combine come here?" and "Why do the Combine make other Combine's?" His questions would be answered if Chump Kazooie was alive. Suddenly a group of Cops came and then Billy and his group fired at the cops. One of the cops threw a grenade, destroying one of the rebels. They all defeated the group of cops."Downstairs"Said Billy.They were at the lower level and they saw a gate and a control room. "I'll go near the gate"Said a Rebel. Another Rebel nodded. Three rebels and Billy went to the Control room. The Rebel near the gate was gone. "Where's Edward?"asked a Rebel. Suddenly, the Rebel was thrown onto the gate with electrcity on him. Billy saw a Rollermine and then picked it up and then threw into a fire place, exploding the Rollermine. The gate then opened and they all saw a elevator. They all ran to it. But the door right next to the elevator was filled with Zombies. The elevator was almost at there position.The elevator door opened, but one of the rebel's were attacked by zombies."Get in!!!"Shouted Billy. They are now at a long hallway.

  • 2 minutes later*

"Alright we're outside"Said Billy."What should we do now?"Asked a Rebel. "Go"Said Billy sad. "Where to?"Asked the Rebel. "You two should go help other rebels for a while"Said Billy. The Rebel's went to a another direction. Billy saw many dead rebel's in front of him. Billy was walking to a bench, but he stepped on Johnny ghost's dead body. Billy picked up Johnny ghost's gun. Suddenly, another Rollermine came."Oh no"Said Billy disappointed. An Apc was thrown at the Rollermine and there was then a big explosion. It was Johnny Toast, he then changed back to his original form. Suddenly a strider was right behind Toast. The strider fired it's warp cannon, disintegrating Toast. Billy froze as Toast slowly disappeared.The strider then focused on Billy.The strider shot him in the leg. Billy hid and got a health vial from a dead Combine. Billy pulled out Johnny Ghost's gun and put it on secondary mode. He fired and it exploded the strider into little pieces. Johnny Ghost's gun was out of ammo, but Billy was really close to the Citadel. "Chapter 10:The Citadel" Billy sighed, looking at the front of the Citadel."Hi"Said a familiar voice. It was Sally with another Refuggee."Hello, who's this guy right next to you?"Asked Billy. "His name is Maxwell"Answered Sally. Maxwell appeared in torn clothes and he also had scar's on him."Hello"Said Maxwell."Hi"Said Billy shyly. Billy paused and said"I have to do this alone" "Why?"Asked Sally."Because I've seen almost everyone die"Billy cried."I know...Gertrude is dead, Papa Acachalla is arrested, and our Sgt is missing"Sally Said. Billy needed to think of a plan. He finally thought of one after a minute."Here's my plan, you two defend me while I go in the Citadel"Said Billy."Alright"Maxwell and Sally both Said. Billy entered the Citadel and took an elevator that went to a floor below Dr.Breen's office. He got out of the elevator and saw a stalker. Billy shot the stalker with his crossbow. Billy then took the stairs and suddenly saw two cops in front of him."Hey,we're your creators"Said the first Cop. The second cop laughed." You guys were trying to use me" Said Billy angry. Billy grabbed his smg and shot at the first cop. He then was trying to shoot at the second cop, but the cop dodged."Oh"Said Billy.The cop shot his pistol, but missed."I need another grenade"Billy thought. Billy quickly went to the storage room and grabbed a grenade."Hey!!!"Yelled Billy. The cop looked at him. Billy threw a grenade, taking off the Cop's mask. Billy went to the cop and saw Sgt.Kills alot face."Oh my...your really apart of the Combine"Said Billy."Yes, I was a spy"Said the Sgt wounded. "But why?" Asked Billy. "Do you even know that the resistance is weak against our technology, i've been working for the Combine ever since they invaded earth in the 7 hour war" Said Sgt.Killsalot. "I thought you were human, this is all craz..." Billy Paused and sighed and then shot him with his pistol. Billy went to Dr.Breen's room."Breen"Said Billy angry."Yes, it's me and I also wanted you to be the new administrator, if you just stayed one of us"Said Dr.Breen."I don't want to be one of you, you guy's are just stupid people who like to kill the civilian population!!!!"Yelled Billy. Billy calmed down and said"You are human too" "I am human, a different human." Said Dr.Breen. "A Stupid and ignorant human"Said Billy. "Look, you could've had control of this whole entire city and you could've made it your own"Said Dr.Breen. "There is no such thing as control over people"Said Billy. Billy found C4 and placed it on a wall."Billy, you can be the gre-"Billy was tired of Dr.Breen and then shot him with his pistol. Billy was going to escape, but he wanted to do something for everyone. Suddenly a horde of Combine soldiers broke in."Get down, you are going to be executed!"Shouted one of the Combine soldiers. Billy closed his eyes.The Soldiers looked to there right and saw a bomb. The bomb exploded.

  • Sally's P.O.V*

"Billy!!"Yelled Sally. "Don't worry, he will be in a safer place"Said Maxwell. "But Billy is the only person that I trusted" Cried Sally. "Well I am still your friend" Said Maxwell. "Hmm... I am hungry for waffles right now" Said Sally. Sally and Maxwell got away from the Citadel as fast as they could. "Epilouge" Sally and a bunch of Rebel's were in a bar.Suddenly, one Rebel tripped and changed the radio channel to a silly old song. All of the Rebel's laughed even Sally. Sally ate her waffle and went back to here apartment.

  • 3 days later*

Sally was walking through the nexus, which was shut down by rebels. "Wow, we could hack the landmines"Said a rebel. "How did you hack it?"Maxwell asked the rebel. "You grab this gravity gun thing and you grab it"Answered the rebel. Sally moved to the lab and saw someone with familiar pants hide. Sally looked and saw someone with a familiar hair. "Who are you?"Asked Sally. The man turned around and it was Jasper. "I-"Sally was shocked and surprised at the same time. "I faked my suicide"Said Jasper. "I hung on to a window the floor above the first floor"Said Jasper again. While Jasper was talking, Sally saw a newspaper which said earth surrenders from huge war. Sally remembered that war.

The End.

Note from the creator: I found Venturiantale back when they had atleast like 800,000 subscribers and I loved them ever since. My favorite series from them is the Gmod series. They have awesome roleplay's and characters like Spencer Acachalla, Johnny Ghost and Toast, The Soup Family, and HIGGLYDIGGLYHOOGAN!!!! Thank you Venturiantale and you guys for letting me make my first Venturiantale Fanfiction. Since this story was made in thanksgiving. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!- Casey. Tell me if you liked it