Chapter 1 any normal day

One day everything was normal and Johnny ghost asked Johnny toast a question."johnny are there any sightings?""Actually yes sir there is one""And what would that be?""There is one in Minnesota sir""lets pack up and go""And Johnny""yes sir?""who called?""a girl named Anna casket.""oh ok thanks."

Chapter 2 the ghost

"We're here""ok sir what do we do?""let's take a look around outside to see if there is anything....Unusual..""ok sir there are no unusual activity going on.""OK""let's go in then"...(KNOCK KNOCK)"who here?"a woman said."I'm Johnny Ghost paranormal investigator extraordinaire""oh so you are the ghost dude"........."the ghost is right behind me isn't it""oh yes it is behind you"johnny toast said."Johnny it looks like a level 6""ok sir"............"um can we come in?""sure""have you seen anything""Why I've seen the ghost.Anna said."I didn't see this ghost,do you know where it hides?""yes it hides in the kitchen""lets go then."they walk to the kitchen and immediately Johnny sees the ghost.""what the heck I know that person.......I GOT IT!!THAT MAN IS MY FATHER!!!!."Johnny said "umm not to sound creepy but that looks like my dad..............,"Anna said."ok Johnny let's head back to HQ and we'll think about this."Johnny said."ummmm johnny could I come with..I haven't ate in 3 days the ghost kept me in here with him."sure you can come,and how old are you?""24"she replied.

Chapter 3 Anna and the bloody ghost

So they headed back to HQ and had supper.They didn't really talk that much but Anna clearly noticed something,someone was staring at her she was actually quite confused.The things that surprised her today was that number 1 she and may have the same father,2 ghost and her look exactly alike,and 3 toast was staring at her.

After supper ghost showed Anna to her room and they slept.Anna woke up to a start with an uneasy feeling that she wasn't alone.She got up walked out the door and looked around.She screamed.She went into the closest room she could find.Ghosts room.she woke Johnny up and told him she saw a bloody ghost with a knife.He told her to calm down and that is when toast came in."Sir what happened? is anyone hurt?""no Johnny, Anna and I are fine."Toast and Anna went back to sleep.

Chapter 4 The ghosts plan

The ghost in chapter 2 is not there father but a great demon in search of a ghost army.The ghosts plan was to have everybody out of the house.Then get a ghost army.Kill the ones who stand in his way.(P.I.E. and Ghostbusters) Then take over the world.😈

(Sorry bout the cliffhanger but type in Johnny and jimmy 2)