This Fan-Backstory is to show that Johnny Ghost is another ID of Jimmy Casket

Jimmy casket was a young boy aged around 8-10 with a sister called Sally Casket (who was dropped off at Papa Acachalls 7-11 when Jimmy was about 4) when one night his parents (Tommy Casket and Sally Betty Jessica) decided to go see a play. Fast-forward a couple of hours and Jimmy wanted to go the short way home through a dark alley way. The parents said yes and went through. Then an explorer by the name of Johnny Toast appeared and killed Tommy Casket. Jimmy Casket plotted revenge. Fast-forward 10 years or so and Jimmy Casket has killed 56 of Johnny Toast's Goons when Jimmy decided that killing was fun and killed Officer Maloney. He took his knife and stabbed everyone he killed in the knee. Fast-Forward (again) 5 years or so and Jimmy has killed 2309 people when he creates a new Ghost Patrol company called "Johnny Ghost Detects Ghost Inc.". Then he created another identity named Johnny Ghost. Then he called up Johnny Toast and asked if he could join his "Paranormal Investigator" and he said yes. Now Jimmy has been taking notes about the best time to attack "Oooh how about tomorrow" "No next case" Jimmy we know you're plotting revenge and we're trying to stop you...

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