i got home from work late one day and saw a message written in blood on the floor as soon as i came in. 'you wanna know my secret' i knew who it was from, i knew i was next. i don't know how but i knew Jimmy Casket would come. a few weeks later and I've been having trouble sleeping, thinking about whats coming and making sure that i lock my doors every night. one night i am finally drifting off but i heard a strange sound and sit up snapping on the lamp next to my bed, and there he was standing in a bloodstained hoodie and holding a knife. he slowly crept forward and i looked around for my shotgun but it was nowhere to be seen. the twerp stole my gun! he was close enough to whisper in my ear "do you wanna know my secret?" by this time i had managed to back myself into a corner and saw no way out. i tried to speak, to tell him that no i didn't want to know the secret that had driven him to kill so many people but i couldn't speak, couldn't move. then someone came running in and yelled in a British accent "sir, i know your in ther-" then saw what was happening. "oh no not again." he muttered. jimmy smiled and said "oh johnny when will you learn that when i get free i stay free until i taste blood" he cackled then fell over from the trank dart logged in his leg, just where i aimed. "the twerp took my shotgun and forgot my darts." i said in answer too the questioning look from the man "now explain whats going on or the next one comes out of the pistol in my cabinet!" the man laughed I'll bet that all the guns that you own are in this backpack that i nabbed from jimmy yesterday." and he showed me the backpack and i laughed. "i keep all my good guns in a hidden closet from the civil war. and i haven't opened that thing in years! there's no way he could know about it." "don't worry, I'll explain everything. it's quite simple actually. oh and my name is johnny toast." said johnny. "start explaining" i said, so he did. after a while toast took ghost away and i haven't seen either of them since

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