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"Miraak, I do not know if I will make it out." Lydia weakly whispered to him as the voice in Vahl's head kept her occupied. Vahl seemed to get more worried, the voice appeared to know she has become infected with the disease of the Afflicted.   "Why not, child?" The old Dragonborn asked.   "I have been infected" She rolled up her sleeve enough to see the veins in her wrist bulging with the green goo. She choked back tears, "Miraak, I am in so much pain." A tear rolled down her cheek.   "Hush, child, do not be afraid of what comes next." Miraak said, hugging her. "Every great story must come to an end."   "Miraak, please be the one to end my pain, I can think of no better man, than a superior who treats all as an equal."   Miraak's throat went dry, he could feel the tears build up in his eyes, he was glad Lydia couldn't see past his mask. Vahl began to get more flustered. He hardly had the courage to do such a thing. He had courage enough to strike her once. He dropped down next to her, still barely alive. He began to sing an old Nordic lullaby to her.                                                                       "Bære på min villfarne barn,                                                                         er det fred når livet er gjort,                                                                             legg ned nå for å hvile',                                                                             du vil gråt ikke lenger."     "Goodnight child, perhaps, if fates allow, we may one day meet again."     Vahl gasped at Lydia's corpse, falling down in shock. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks, her best friend was never to be heard again. By ObsessesOver

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