Chapter 1 :Goodnight:Edit

Billy jumped into bed, along with Spencer and Sally getting in their beds. "Night Spence!" Billy yelled. "Goodnight, you absolute NERD!" Spencer said, holding up his Sonic Screwdriver replica "Bzzztt". Spencer then turned on his iphone and watched Naruto: Shippuden on crunchy roll. "I thought you were going to sleep..." Sally said. "This is the only time I get good internet, you absolute nerd!" Billy rolled his eyes and turned around. After the many minutes of loud Japanese screams, Billy finaly fell asleep.

Chapter 2 :Dream:Edit

Billy woke up on a brick floor, and seen a man with a blue suit and a suitcase standing next to a hole in the wall. "Who are you, where am I?" Billy asked. The man didn't answer. "Are you Uncle Charlie?" Billy asked. Still no reply. "That's...weird.." Billy thought, and the ground started shaking. "Mister, what's happening?!" Billy cried out. "It's just the chicken monkeys of doom" Billy raised an eyebrow "What the heck is a-" the floor fell apart and Billy fell into the Void, as he screamed. "Have fun!" The man yelled. Billy landed in darkness, he could see, but he landed on nothingness. "What's happening?! Hello?!" Billy cried out. Two teenagers with grey hoodies appeared, and speed walked to Billy. "What's happening?!" Billy called out. The two teens finaly got close to Billy, one removing the hoodie to show a white face with a red smile carved onto his face, and other to show a face with glowing red eyes. "Do you wanna know my secret?" The one with the glowing eyes said "!" The white faced one said, both of them pulling out knifes. "Oh crap, this can't be happening!" Billy yelled. "Jimmy Casket doesn't even live close to us!" Billy yelled again. Jimmy pulled on Billy's collar, pulling him up. "Do you wanna hear our secrets?" They both said. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" Billy snapped from bed, screaming. Spencer jumped and dropped his controller, causing his character in Halo 4 to get shot. "What was that?!" Spencer asked. "Jimmy...Jeff....Secrets....Gman.." Billy muttered as he panted. "It was just a dream, you absolute nerd!" Spencer said, then grabbed his controller back and respawned his character. "Billy! Breakfast is ready!" Gertrude called from the kictchen. "Coming, mama Gertrude!" Billy said, rushing off to the door.

The End.

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