(I wrote this because in the twenty-second episode of Another Minecraft Tale, Jordan was clearing out dirt and he said something along the lines of there is going to be a fan fiction about him clearing out dirt and it was going to be titled that. I just couldn't resist.) Jordan floated in the air, staring at Dirt in disgust. They had history.

They went to high school together. She was friends with Stone and Sand. Jordan always had a crush on Sand. He was a shy teen, but he worked up the courage and walked over to them to give Sand a Valentine. Then, BAM! He was tripped by someone he looked back and yup, of course, it was Water. He stood up scowling at Water and heard, "Oh, is this for me?" and the card was grabbed from his hand. "Um, yeah," he said, not realizing who he was speaking to. He turned and there Dirt was, reading the card, blushing.

Yeah, he accidently gave it to the wrong girl. What was he going to do? He didn't want to hurt her feelings, so he went along with it. They dated for 3 years. It ended on good terms. They stayed friends.

In college, Dirt set him up with Stone. Jordan was incredibly grateful. Stone was always the sorta cute shy girl down the street. Despite her shyness, she dated Lava in the 10th-12th grades, but they broke up to go because they were going to different colleges.

But what Dirt did a year later was unforgivable. I can't even talk about, it was that bad. Fortunately, Stone and Jordan ended up staying together and soon got married, but that was the end of their friendship with Dirt.

That's how we got to this point. He slashed through Dirt with no mercy. He slashed and destroyed every bit of Dirt on that mountain with reckless abandon, and he cleared out her husband Torch, as well.

The Dirt Cleaners 3: Revenge of the DirtEdit