It was Toast vs. Casket once again. Ghost's outbursts were increasing rapidly in number, as well as power. Casket was quickly taking over Ghost's brain. He never should have let him investigate the 'Cardboard Friend' demon alone. Toast quickly fled around the corner of the hall, everything went dead silent. Finally he heard the stomping of Casket's heavy boots.
"Where are you Toast? I know you're here, I can taste it." Casket growled. 
Toast shuddered. He planned to retreat further down the hall, broken glass crackled underneath his feet, Casket heard and tore after him. Stealth no longer mattered, Casket knew where he was, he sprinted away, coming to a dead end. He turned to face Casket, who tackled him to the ground, pinning him down. Casket held the knife to Toast's neck.
"I can't wait to slit your throat, Toast. To feel your blood on my hands." Casket let out a chilling laugh. 
"Even better, wait until Johnny Ghost wakes up, covered in your blood."
"Casket, no." Toast pleaded in fear, the first real fear he's felt in months.
"Casket, yes." He jabbed his knife into the floorboards dangerously close to Toast's neck.
"If you want Ghost to suffer so bad, why don't you just kill me? Kill me now." Toast sneered
Casket was taken aback, offended. 
"Fine." Casket stated. He ripped the knife out of the floorboards. Toast closed his eyes, sure that this was the end. 
"NO!" Casket yelled, propelling himself off Toast, his voice had changed, Ghost was back.
Casket laughed again.
"Look who's awake, this is new, we've never occupied the same conscious space before." Casket purred.
"Shut up." Ghost raised his voice.
"Oh, I see here. Toast here is the only thing that keeps you from becoming unhinged. What if I just," Casket swung the knife downward toward Toast's neck. Ghost stopped it turning it to face toward themselves.
"Are you sure you want to do that? At any time I could leave you, slip away into your mind. I'm the one keeping that knife from hitting us, you." 
"Leave Casket. Leave me for good."
"If you say so Johnny-boy."
The knife clattered to the floor as Johnny Ghost collapsed from exhaustion.
Is Casket really gone for good? Toast thought. Knowing him, I'd say not.
Toast carried Ghost back to the truck and drove him home.