It's been almost a year since the "Hilda" incident at the mansion. Bert went on to be well... a forgetful idiot as always, P.I.E somehow managed to become a world famous organization, with it's headquarters in Little Butts, North Carolina and divisions in Japan, Europe, Brazil, etc. They have been getting new investigators and office staff. "So, how's it going Toast?" Johnny Ghost walked into the front doors of P.I.E headquarters, expecting to see his partner, Johnny Toast, in his happy British mood as per usual. "Um, Ghost, have you read the news recently?" He asked.

"No, I haven't"

"Well I'm afraid to say that we have a class 10.526784317.4 class sighting"

"What!? a class 10.526784317.4?!"

"Yes sir, and it has murdered someone, by the name of... Bert Nice-guy..."

Ghost couldn't believe what he just heard, Bert was one of their best customers. "H-How?" He said nervously.

"Well, Little Butts PD said that he died with no wounds, and that they found something next to his corpse, a note reading 'P.I.E will die', what does it mean?" All of a sudden, two new investigators entered the office, one was clearly starstruck upon seeing the famous duo. "Mr. Toast, Mr. Ghost, it's an honor to meet you," She said. Suddenly, the other investigator pulled her away and he said, "Come on Twiggy, we need to get our case."

"Uh, alright Tea." She then left with the other investigator, heading for the briefing room for their first case. Toast and Ghost, meanwhile, were looking at each other, "Hey Toast, your not the only Brit here anymore." Ghost said with a small laugh. Toast was about to reply, but Ghost stopped him from answering. "Toast, not the time, we need to get to the mansion to search for clues."

"I know sir, lets go" And with that they left for the mansion of Bert Nice-guy, and once they got there they looked for clues.

"Um, sir, look at this."

"What is it Toast, Oh My God!"

"I know sir, its a photo of the president, and a note?"

"Give it here Toast, let me see... 'Sorry boys, he dead, and I'm going to D.C."

"What the heck does that mean?"

"It means, Toast, we need to visit President Billy...and we're going to need a whole lot of backup..."

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