"There is another side to me a side only i and the victims know of. This side is dangerous, unlike the normal me it's... vicious. He doesn't normally come out only if he has a reason. He first came out when i was 14,  i didn't know it then but this little sprout would change me and my life. I was always a wild kid so when i got my first knife at 14 i was stoked, it's waddle sticks and mark words into trees to scare my three younger sibling i put things like "hes here" and "Don't turn around" into trees around our house. One day i was carving when something happened it's hard to explain exactly what happened but i can always try, I was carving into a tree i meant to put "we are watching" into a tree but all of the sudden i lost control i saw it all but didn't process it "Wanna know my secret" was in the tree by the time i could see straight again. I couldn't tell what happened put short after i passed out. The next day i was walking in the Forrest with my knife i approached some campers and unwillingly whispered "Wanna know my secret?" then stabbed them all ripping their flesh from their body. Only the lord know what happened that day. scared I tried hiding the bodies i threw them into a small thorn bush patch near by. That night on my way home i approached my three siblings Cierra Bethany and Isaac, i hear Isaac say "what are you" and remember a different voice the voice of an insane person go "Wanna know my secret?" . Let's just say my sibling are gone. at their funeral he took me again walking up to the coffins slowly pulling my knife out and saying "I guess you never found out" that is when it got bad i don't know the details but i did count 6 men 6 women and 6 i don't remember very well. Death after death no one knew my secret.Finally .9 years later i heard the name of the other me one night while sleeping i heard "nice to finaly meet you can call me  Jimmy, Jimmy Casket" that morning i came here checked myself in had to use all my energy not to let him out" "Thank your Jordan who's next" its my first don't hate and i made and was rushed to get it out for their 1 million subs